BGM Elite Sheetflex Easy Load Die and Top Load Sheeter Station and Delivery Table

This machine can also be used as a conventional slitter rewinder which maximises the finishing department’s capabilities. High specification features commonly found on more expensive machines are fitted as standard, such as automatic unwind braking with adjustable roll end, reversible rewind & machine diagnostics.


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A robust, fast, easy-loading die station enables the operator to effortlessly load the dies into the first station, the weight of the die is supported by the bottom guide rail which vastly improves operator set up time. The second die station, designed for Sheeting and perforation, is fitted with a quick and easy to set ‘die cut to die cut’ manual registration facility.

The waste rewind is independently driven with variable tension control, ensuring perfect waste removal regardless of the label size/shape and adhesives cause no difficulties. The touch screen enables the operator to set up the machine fast and efficiently.


  • With die cutting and sheeting speeds of up to 250m/min this is one of the fastest machines in its class on the market.
  • Driven sheeter delivery table, with programmable batch stepper and count facility
  • With the aid of a support attachment on the rewind, the machine is capable of running 12.7mm cores-this unachievable by virtually all other manufacturers.
  • Independently driven, electronically controlled waste and product rewind systems, with independent variable tension control so no inconsistent tension problems occur as with old fashioned high maintenance mechanical clutches.
  • Without doubt, this is the fastest, most cost effective, compact and robust, free-standing die cutting and sheeting label slitting machine on the market. The Sheetflex has rotary die cutting speeds of up to 250m/min.

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