BGM Elite eDSRt Easy Load Die Cut Slitter Semi- Automatic Turret Rewinder

Without doubt this is the fastest, most cost effective, compact and robust, free-standing semi – automatic turret die cutting machine on the market. The eDSRt has rotary die cutting speeds of up to 250m/min


A robust, fast and easy loading die station enables the operator to effortlessly load the dies into the machine since the weight of the die is supported by the bottom guide rail. This solution vastly improves operator set up time, handling and reduces damage which may be caused due to incorrect loading - a common problem in conventional die stations.


The fully integrated two spindle semi-automatic turret rewinder design enables the operator to preload the cores on one spindle, while the other spindle is rewinding at speeds of up to 250m/min, maximising efficiency the turret incorporates an automatic tail cut and applier. Users of this system have stated that they have increased productivity output by up to 60%




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  • Die cutting and turret rewinding at speeds of up to 250m/min probably the fastest on the market
  • Solid robust, easy load die station accommodates most styles of dies, utilising existing dies and minimising tooling costs, enabling operators to effortlessly load the dies into the machine
  • With the aid of an integrated support attachment it is possible to run 12.7mm cores
  • Fully automatic tail cut and applier system vastly increasing productivity output

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