BGM Elite Labeli 100% Inspection Slitter Rewinders

BGM’s Label-i is based on BGM’s iSR model of inspection slitter rewinders which is the most cost-effective, compact and robust free-standing label inspection slitter rewinder on the market, boasting standard high specification features commonly found on more expensive slitter machines.


By keying in the rewind shaft size the machine will automatically adjust the acceleration / deceleration times optimizing productivity output, automatic unwind braking with an adjustable roll end, reversible rewind & machine diagnostics. It is fast and highly energy-efficient.

Fitted with E+L’s SmartScan camera system designed for print inspection. It features a special LED illumination concept that features reverse and front lighting to allow 100 percent inspection and detection on both sides of the substrate (200 percent). This enables detailed print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels, unremoved matrix, etc. It is suitable for paper labels, transparent clear-on-clear and films.

BGM’s Label-i can inspect, slit and rewind unsupported & supported substrates as thin as 15 microns at speeds of up to 300m/min.



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  • Automated inspection system that runs at speeds of up to 300m/min
  • Cost effective 100% fully integrated Inspection system 
  • Slow down festoon with precise positioning on editing table
  • Slit & rewind unsupported films as thin as 15 microns

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