Wedding Bells at BGM are ringing loud for the futures of some of our long-standing employees

Tom and Megan. Tom has been with the BGM family for over 11 years, and Megan for 5 years. They have recently shared the exciting news of their engagement, and we could not wait any longer to share this wonderful news with you all.

The engagement was rather a romantic story; at Megan’s parents' house, Tom on one knee proposed to Megan with a ‘Marry Me’ hand crafted illuminated sign and firework display, the couple said their families ‘couldn’t be happier’.

Megan has shared a little secret with us about some of Tom’s habits, such as not sharing food with anyone, his fondness for his car, and his ocd for tidiness. The loving couple have not yet set a date for the wedding, however, they are both saving very hard and looking forward to purchasing their first new house to bless their new beginning.

February continues to shower the BGM family with Love. Phil, one of BGM's talented Design Engineers, has also recently announced his forthcoming marriage to Val.

Phil and Val initially met through a shared interest in church and music after several social gatherings they agreed to meet for a chat and a coffee, ever since that day the relationship has blossomed, other interests that couple share are visiting other countries. The happy couple are sharing a bucket list and are planning future destinations to visit.

Phil and Val are due to get married on the first day of spring on the 20th of March this year. We wish them all our very best.

Other exciting news one of BGM’s machinist has celebrated the birth of his first child, a boy. Mother and baby are said to be in wonderful health and spirit.

From all the BGM family, we wish everyone well.