BGM, E+L unite for integrated 200% Inspection finishing System

The two suppliers have begun to offer an integrated package that combines their respective technologies. 

Bar Graphic Machinery (BGM) and web inspection and control specialist Erhardt+Leimer (E+L) are taking their combined technologies to market by integrating them into a single line.

This sees E+L’s 200 percent SmartScan inspection system integrated with BGM’s very latest iSR inspection slitter rewinder technology.

SmartScan is a camera system designed for inspection on printing and finishing machines for label and other narrow web applications. It features a special LED illumination concept that features reverse and front lighting to allow 100 percent inspection and detection on both sides of the substrate (200 percent). This enables detailed print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels, unremoved matrix, etc. It is suitable for paper labels, transparent clear-on-clear and films.

SmartScan can operate at a maximum speed of 300m/min, matching the maximum operating speed of the BGM iSR.

Other features of BGM’s iSR label inspection slitter rewinder is the most cost-effective, compact and robust free-standing label inspection slitter rewinder currently available, boasting standard high specification features commonly found on more expensive slitter machines, by keying in the rewind shaft size the machine will automatically adjust the acceleration / deceleration times optimizing productivity output, automatic unwind braking with an adjustable roll end, reversible rewind & machine diagnostics. It is fast and highly energy-efficient, with speeds of up to 300m/min running on a simple 13 amp 230V plug.

Long-standing collaboration

The two companies have been working together for over a decade, explains Matthew Rust, managing director at E+L UK, collaborating to market each other’s technology. E+L also provides web guiding and control technology to BGM.

Rust explains: ‘There is an understanding and mutual respect between the two companies. Both companies are similar in size and have a similar mindset to developing cutting-edge, yet simple and intuitive technology.’

He continues: ‘The integration of SmartScan into the iSR was an obvious extension of our working relationship. With many customers buying a finishing system, then fitting inspection technology, it made sense to formally work on integration at a deeper level to combine and maximize our technologies.

‘We’ve had a positive response to this and sales have resulted for both companies as a result.’

BGM and E+L are now looking to spread the message about this integrated offer as they seek to provide customers with an optimized finishing system.

For BGM, this project also comes at an exciting time for the company. It is now more than four years since it relocated into a new factory, providing additional manufacturing capacity and space for the company to grow. Growth has been such in that time that BGM is looking at options for further expansion of its facility.

‘We’re very busy,’ notes Daniel Carr, sales manager at BGM. ‘In the US, for example, there’s lots of scope for growth. There’s a lot of room for investment with legacy systems being upgraded to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing.’

In the US, BGM is represented by J&J Converting Machinery, with whom it reported a strong reaction to its technology at last year’s Labelexpo Americas. J&J and BGM are now exploring a dedicated demonstration facility in the US to exploit the opportunities.

‘It’s a massive market for us already. We’re shipping container loads of machines.’

Carr also sees strong business in markets across the Gulf region and Middle East, with ‘good business going on in Israel,’ he notes. ‘The packaging market in the Gulf region is an area where we have identified big opportunities.’

Big projects are also going on nearer to home, with bell cow accounts one of which a customer who has 30 plus machines and another who has 6 full servo flexible packaging machines built to the customers own exact bespoke requirements. A multi-station, bespoke system has recently shipped to another customer in Nottingham. This fully servo driven flexo re-registration converting line features four colour stations, lamination, delam/relam, and a sheeter table. ‘It’s not the usual size of machine we build, but is a very interesting project and shows the depth and breadth of systems and engineering we can accomplish,’ says Carr.

Strategic growth

Bar Graphic Machinery is seeking to expand its footprint in key markets around the world, supported by new distributors representing its technology locally. ‘We are actively looking to grow our distributor network,’ explains Daniel Carr, sales manager at Bar Graphic Machinery. Contact for more information.